Launch.Menu – A free cloud based bookmark manager goes live

Launch.Menu – A free cloud based bookmark manager goes live

Launch.Menu – A free cloud based bookmark manager goes live. California – August 2015 is a free cloud based bookmark manager that allows a user to visually manage their bookmarks across any browser on any device.

Boris my co-founder and I are avid desktop computer users involved in a number of development projects. We found that keeping bookmarks organized and readily available was an ongoing problem. As we both use different browsers for different projects and have home and work computers we needed a cloud based solution that worked all the time, from anywhere and with any browser.

We built to solve our problem and we are making this publicly available for anyone to use.

Our key design goals were simple:

  • Free forever
  • Bookmarks available from anywhere
  • Organize bookmarks logically and visually with folders and pages with a simple drag and drop
  • Easily add a bookmark to a collection with a single click
  • Keep some pages (also know as collections) private and share others
  • Easily search for bookmarks across private and public collections
  • Import existing bookmarks into

We are proud to say that we have achieved our initial goals and are making the service available to the public as of August 2015.

We also added a few extra goodies

  • A page where you can read your own Customized news feeds
  • Unlimited nesting of folders on every page

If this is free how do I know that it will be available in the years to come?

Frankly the cost of hosting the service is not that expensive. We are using Amazon cloud services and a hosted Mongo database.

This front end web site is built with WordPress on one server and the app is built with Javascript and Angular and a bunch of custom backend code to make it all work and hosted across a number of other clustered servers.

We provide a sample set of bookmarks for each new user with shopping and travel links. Some of those links have an affiliate relationship.  We additionally have a Bitcoin account where you can donate if you like the service.


Please consider a small donation to help us offset the costs of the power to run the service.